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To those staff who are leaving Ruyton, we thank you as a

community for your valuable contribution to the education

of our girls and wish you every success for the future.

I especially pay tribute to Mr David Toleman, Mrs Rachel

Macey and Mrs Melinda Matheson, long serving members

of staff.We thank them for their many years of excellent

service and wish themwell for the future.They will be

greatly missed.

This year has not been without its sadness for the Ruyton

community, particularly from a staff perspective.We noted

the passing of Mr Trevor Hart in April 2014, highly respected

Archivist at the School from 2007 - 2014. Many will

remember him for his humorous and informative excerpts in

theWednesdayWeekly. He was instrumental in assisting the

ORA in establishing the Heritage Trail and supported the

ORA in many other ways. For all of us at Ruyton Trevor was a

true scholar and a gentleman and he will be missed. Mrs

Suzanne Barrah passed away, also in April. She was a former

Deputy Principal of Ruyton, 1980-1991. She enjoyed a rich

professional life as a teacher, mentor, colleague and friend

and brightened and enriched the lives of so many.The

Ruytonian Editor Prize, awarded at Speech Night, will be

named after Mrs Suzanne Barrah, donated by the School to

recognise her exceptional contribution to the life of Ruyton.

Mrs Jennifer Nicholls, past staff member and Deputy

Principal 1981-2009, passed away suddenly in October of this

year. Jennifer was someone who excelled in her many

different roles in the School. She laid the foundations for the

pastoral care programme and also provided the opportunity

for students to have a real voice in School affairs, thus

developing their leadership skills. Jennifer will be

remembered for her wise counsel, fairness, equanimity but,

most of all, for her delicious sense for the absurd.The

Assembly Captain Prize, awarded at Speech Night, will be

named after Mrs Jennifer Nicholls, donated by the School to

recognise her exceptional contribution to the life of Ruyton.

Finally, a sincere thank you to Ms KathrynWatt and the

Directors of Ruyton for their wise and sound governance,

dedication to providing excellence in education for girls, and

their support of Ruyton as a community.

To all of our Ruyton families, on behalf of the Directors

and staff of Ruyton, thank you for your ongoing contribution

to Ruyton as a community of learners and as a connected


I wish you all the best for the festive season and for the

coming year.

Recte et Fideliter.

Ms Linda Douglas, Principal


‘Schools that value creativity lead the way in cultivating the

well-informed and active citizens our future demands: where

individuals are able to generate fresh ideas, communicate

effectively, take calculated risks and imaginative leaps, adapt

easily to change and work cooperatively.’

National Education and The Arts Statement

issued by the

Ministerial Council on Education, Employment and Youth

Affairs (2007)

This year has certainly been a year of learning, not just for

our students, but for the staff as well, particularly with

regard to the digital revolution and its implications for

education into the future. The new iPads and MacBooks

that were supplied to students and staff challenged us to

embed them into the curriculum as valuable tools. In the

Art department, the Mac platform has long been used

within the design field for many of the subjects we offer,

such as Graphic Design, Media, Visual Communication

Design and Digital Photography. The ease with which the

new iPad minis, in particular, could be carried around and

the multitude of apps available also meant the girls were

well equipped for other classes: the iPad cameras enabled

them to gather research images, the Adobe Suite allowed

them to choose the most suitable programme for each task

and a selection of apps presented them with many options

when it came to final presentations.

Our involvement as a team in the Teacher Inquiry projects

across Term 3 enabled us to create a project for our Year 7

Art classes that consisted of a number of components.

We offered an enriching experience for our girls, starting

with a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) to view

the Italian Masterpieces exhibition. Utilising an iBook,

girls listened to audio explaining events and people and

gathered information about a range of artworks and

artists. They presented some of this in the form of a

‘postcard’ and gained an insight into the art of portraiture

over a long period of time. The final component was the

practical task of completing a group portrait. These were all

displayed in the Muse exhibition mid-way through Term 4.

This year, UNESCO celebrated the third International Arts

EducationWeek in May. The focus of this particular week

was Arts for Peace. Using this theme, we were able to

advocate the importance of arts education in the global

agenda of peace and cultural understanding.We were

fortunate that at this time we hosted visitors from Girls@

theCentre (in Alice Springs), enabling us to share some

special time together through a range of activities and

experiences. They were able to use digital photography and

transfer techniques to create plaques that reflected both

Annual Report 2014