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President and with the assistance of the Capital Campaign

Committee, the campaign was launched in March. By mid

November 2014 in excess of $670,000 had already been

pledged by members of the Ruyton community.The

Campaign will continue through 2015 and we look forward

to friend and fundraising events such as the Ruyton

Luncheon and Ruyton Ball.Thank you to everyone who has

made a personally meaningful donation towards the

campaign and supported Ruyton in providing the best

possible learning environment for our girls. Our sincere

thanks to Mr Peter Kanat for his strong commitment to

providing excellence for Ruyton girls. His enthusiasm and

energy have been driving factors in this campaign: the

biggest Capital Campaign in the history of Ruyton.We also

thank the members of the Capital Campaign Committee for

their dedication and creative thinking.

The Foundation has also continued to provide strong support

for our learning programmes this year though its support of

Masterclass, the Indigenous Cultures Research Award and

the Ruyton Award for Educational Research.The theme for

Masterclass this year wasWe will call Australia Home –

Seeking Asylumwith a keynote address delivered by Mr

Julian Burnside and a Q and A panel consisting of Mr

Burnside and three remarkable women making a difference

in our community.These sessions highlighted the value of

intercultural understanding and compassion; of challenging

perceptions; and how to make a difference as individuals and

as a community.

The Old Ruytonians’ Association (ORA) has continued to

connect and reconnect with members locally, nationally and

globally this year through publications and reunions. In

addition to the many local reunions which took place, an

afternoon tea was held for the Ruyton Outdoor Club (ROC),

a High Tea for former office bearers of the ORA, and an

international reunion took place in New York. Our thanks

to outgoing President Ms Caroline Jarrett and to Secretary

Ms Natalie Pullan for their commitment and dedication.

We have welcomed incoming President Ms Sarah Blyth

and new committee members and look forward to their

contribution to our community.

The Parents of Ruyton are an integral part of the strong

sense of community at Ruyton.They concentrate on friend

raising amongst the Ruyton community but also provide

wonderful support for the education of our girls through

their many support groups.The POR and support groups

have organised numerous events across the year that

provide friend raising, fundraising and support for our girls.

This year also saw the return of the much loved Ruyton Fair,

a wonderful day of community at Ruyton.This event alone

involved the work of more than 350 volunteers.Thank you to

the POR Executive, the Chairs and members of each support

group, our Class Representatives and all of our volunteers for

their continued support. Once again this year approximately

600 volunteers provided support to the School.Thank you to

those who have contributed so generously of their time and

expertise to continue the spirit of Ruyton this year.

To our Year 12 students, the class of 2014, we thank you for

your enthusiastic leadership of the student body this year. As

a School we wish each of you and your families every success

for the future.Thank you for being such a vital part of Ruyton

Girls’ School and for your sincere and dedicated leadership of

our student community this year. Each and every one of you

has enriched the life of the School in your own unique way

through your involvement in different activities and events.

As you prepare for the next stage of your education I urge

you to continue to live your lives with great purpose, to

dream big, aim high and make a difference in your world. You

have the makings of an extraordinary league of women.We

know you will do something amazing if you put your minds

to it; collectively and individually. Enjoy the journey that life

will present to you, taking the good with the bad in your

stride as a resilient young woman.We thank each and every

one of you and your families for your contributions to the

Ruyton community.

I extend a special thank you to the Executive Team,

responsible for the day to day running of the School and the

implementation of the Operational Plan.Their tireless work

and dedication have been greatly appreciated.Thank you to

Mrs Glenis Gumley, Deputy Principal; Mrs Cathryn Furey,

Assistant Principal; Mrs Nicole Ginnane, Head of Junior

School; Ms Leanne Sparkes, Business Manager; Ms Lindy

Broadfoot, Director of Studies; and Ms Tonya Peters, Director

of Development.Thank you also to Ms Helen Tait and

Mrs Robyn Treyvaud for overseeing the Junior School in

Term 1 of this year.

The success of our girls is also a reflection of the dedication

of our teachers and support of our parents. I thank each and

every one of our teaching staff for their commitment to

excellence and their resilience in dealing with change this

year. Most importantly I thank them for the support and

guidance they have provided for each of our girls. Our

administrative and support staff and maintenance team

have all contributed to the excellence of Ruyton and the

spirit of our community. I thank them for their hard work,

commitment and positive approach to their work.

Principal’s Report (Continued)

Annual Report 2014