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Our thanks to the parents and staff who have assisted our

exchange programme by hosting students and staff

throughout the year.The feedback we receive from our

sister schools is always overwhelming in terms of the

opportunities, experiences and ongoing connections

enabled by these visits.

In January a group of students and staff took part in

Ruyton’s first Overland Track Expedition in Tasmania.

The staff and students experienced conditions ranging

from snow to heatwave conditions over the six days of the

trek and enjoyed the challenge of the experience, the

collegiality of the tour group and the breathtaking beauty

of the environment.

A small group of Year 9 and 10 students took part in the

Chinese Tour over the September holidays to improve their

Chinese language skills and extend their understanding of

Chinese culture and history.The tour, led by Mrs Danyang

McAuliffe, visited our sister school the YuXin School in

Beijing, and also the Nanjing Foreign Language School,

with whomwe formed an alliance in January this year.

In December some of our senior girls joined Trinity students

to take part in the Renaissance History Tour.

Camps have continued to provide our Junior and Senior

School girls with curriculum experiences beyond the School;

a range of activities that challenge them and enable

opportunities to work collaboratively. In addition to

continually reviewing and refining our programme, the

School Executive has worked with external specialists

to review risk assessment policies and procedures for

excursions, camps and overseas/interstate tours. As a result

of this work, new procedures will be implemented next year.

This year the School has employed Mr Darren Saunder, an

experienced outdoor education leader, to oversee the whole

School camp programme and risk management of

excursions, camps and tours. Ms Hoskins will continue to

oversee the Exchange Programmes and our connection with

the Girls @ the Centre Programme, in addition to her

teaching duties. I would particularly like to thank Ms Hoskins

for her leadership of the Senior School Camp programme

over the past five years and her ongoing dedication to the

Girls @ the Centre Programme and Exchange Programme.

Our girls have numerous opportunities to develop leadership

skills at Ruyton.This year our Year 12 student cohort has truly

led by example, displaying zest and sincerity throughout the

year. Each year our Year 12s have the opportunity to refine the

traditions and rites of passage that surround Year 12 at

Ruyton, adding their own stamp to the history.This year our

Year 12 Captains have introduced the Captains of the School

Award for Outstanding Integrity.The purpose of this award is

to acknowledge an outstanding student who reflects the

values that Ruyton encourages whilst also exhibiting the

strong development of her own personal morals and values

through her interactions with others and her actions.This

award is not about achievement; it is about recognition of

those with the intrinsic motivation to do the right thing in

the community and in personally challenging situations.

We thank our student leaders for a true vision of leadership

that will be part of their legacy to the School.

Developing our girls as global citizens with a commitment to

community service, sustainability and a global society is an

important aspect of a Ruyton education. Community

Awareness Days, Sustainability committee events, Fairshare

Schools in the Kitchen, Maytime Fair, Green Team and Junior

School CareBear efforts as well as the efforts of individuals,

groups and year levels continue to demonstrate Ruyton girls’

commitment to being responsible and informed citizens

who make a difference.

2014 has seen climate change as a major national and global

topic of debate and action.The Students for Sustainability

have continued to encourage our community to commit

themselves to act positively to reduce Ruyton’s

environmental impact. Participation in open meetings,

awareness raising and activism campaigns, alongside action

both within and outside of the School have enabled our

students and our community to make a real difference

In line with our Master Plan 2014 has seen the

redevelopment of South House as a purpose built centre for

Year 4 and the commencement of the newMargaret McRae

Centre.This major building project will be completed late in

2015 and will include state-of-the-art Science facilities,

dedicated learning areas for Year 7 and 8 students,

specialised Drama studios and an Events space for the

Ruyton community.The Board has engaged Sally Draper

Architects to commence the planning for the refurbishment

of the old Junior School building.This project will commence

after the Margaret McRae Centre is completed and will

provide our Junior School community with exciting new

spaces to best support learning and teaching now and into

the future.The final project in the current Master Plan will be

the demolition of the Royce Theatre to make way for a new

Performing Arts Centre.

The financial position of Ruyton Girls’ School continues to

remain sound with all key budget parameters being met.

Ongoing financial benchmarking with other independent

schools ensures a focus on prudent financial management

aimed at maximising the allocation of resources to the

needs of our girls and their learning.

At the end of 2013 the Ruyton Board of Directors set the

target of one million dollars for the Margaret McRae Centre

Capital Campaign. Under the leadership of Mr Peter Kanat,

Annual Report 2014