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Muse Exhibition, with Commendation Awards for Prep to

Year 4 and awards for Excellence and Commendation to

Years 5 and 7 to 11.The Art Society has continued to grow in

student engagement and activity this year, promoting Visual

Arts throughout the School.

Students have had the opportunity to strengthen their

performance skill through a variety of Junior and Senior

School student Drama productions and collaborations with

Trinity Grammar and Scotch College this year.The highlight

was the very professional Ruyton/Trinity Musical Production

of Sweet Charity, nominated for six Lyrebird Awards.These

productions have showcased the depth of talent across the

School and enabled our girls to gain confidence and

experience in the public arena.The annual Performing Arts

House Festival (PAHF) was once again a spectacle of

creativity and resourcefulness, highlighting the way in which

our girls work collaboratively and creatively. Congratulations

to all Houses and particularly to the Year 11 girls for their

leadership and co-ordination of the event. Last year Ruyton

launched the Interschool Theatre Festival for Year 9 and 10

students and once again our students demonstrated the

power of performance to explore a current issue with the

audience. One of the most powerful performances of the

year was the VCE Drama class exploring the issue of Asylum

Seekers in Australia. A deeply thought-provoking and

confronting performance, it demonstrated extensive

research and exploration of multiple perspectives without

shying away from the harsh realities.

Along with the Visual Arts and Drama, Music is an essential

component of life at Ruyton.The many concerts, soirées,

recitals and Assembly performances throughout the year, in

addition to the classroom programme, reflect the

importance of Music at Ruyton.This year we enjoyed the

Gala Concert, Contemporary Music Concert and Jazz Night as

our signature events. Musicians also played an important

part in the production of Sweet Charity.Throughout the

year Ruyton girls from Junior School and Senior School

competed successfully at eisteddfods and the Victorian

Schools’Music Festival.

This year our GSV teams have continued to compete with

dedication and a clear focus on supporting each other and

aiming to achieve personal best. Ruyton teams placed first in

Cross Country, second in Swimming and third in Athletics.

Given the size of Ruyton compared to a number of schools

we compete against in this competition these results reflect

the dedication and commitment of our students and the

strong team spirit they always exhibit. In addition to the GSV

title our 2014 Cross Country team enjoyed their eleventh

successive overall victory at the State Cross Country

Championships and State Road Relays, continuing to

demonstrate their excellence and validate the high regard in

which they are held.These are only some of the highlights of

our sporting results this year.There have been many personal

bests and team successes. Most importantly, our girls have

showed grit and determination and have understood the

need for commitment, resilience and endeavour.They have

stood together during some challenging times this year,

demonstrating clearly their appreciation as well as their

compassion and care for others.

As a member of the Generation Safe Global network Ruyton

has continued to navigate the realities of the digital world.

This year we have continued our focus on developing

programmes and strategies that ensure digital integrity and

resilience at Ruyton. As part of this work, Cyber Safe Kids and

Parents of Ruyton (POR) presented a series of workshops

designed to educate parents about living with and using

digital media and how to positively engage with daughters

about digital media usage.Thank you to Ms Robyn Treyvaud,

parents, staff and students who worked collaboratively to

present these workshops.

This year 24 Year 10 girls participated in our International

Exchange, visiting schools in Canada, USA, UK, France and

China.The value of this programme is reflected in the

increasing number of students taking up this opportunity.

The programme is designed to allow girls to develop

independence, resilience, leadership and life skills as they

experience life in another country, challenging their ways of

thinking and experiencing unique learning opportunities. Six

Year 8 students had the opportunity to take part in an

interstate exchange programme, exchanging with students

at Meridien School, Sydney and Seymour College, Adelaide.

In March we enjoyed the opportunity to host 13 students and

one teacher from the Sheng Kung Catholic Girls’ School in

Taiwan. In May we hosted students and staff from the Girls@

theCentre programme, Centralian Middle School, Alice

Springs.This programme assists disadvantaged indigenous

girls to stay at school and succeed in their studies, exploring

opportunities for further education.While these girls come

to Melbourne from different settings overseas, as well as

from Central Australia, and experience many new things,

it is the learning that happens between them and our girls

as they both see life from different perspectives that is

most important.

Principal’s Report (Continued)

Annual Report 2014