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select from a wide range of activities, with a view to

providing experiences for future leisure time pursuits. Some

of the activities undertaken this year included Yoga, Indoor

Rock-climbing, Ice-skating, Ten Pin Bowling, Laser tag and


In Year 12 students have worked diligently throughout the

year, aiming to achieve their best in the final exams. Girls

have participated in a number of practical classes to clarify

their learning of content covered in the classroom. They

also attended excursions to Exercise Research Australia

(ERA) in Thornbury to undertake laboratory testing and

some students attended the ERA revision session, in

preparation for their final exam. Thank you to the fabulous

staff in the PE Department who have worked so hard to

deliver these programmes this year.

Miss Brooke Johnson,

Co-ordinator Physical

Education and Health

Performing Arts Department


Music has continued to thrive in 2014, with large numbers

of students involved in all aspects of the Music Programme.

The girl’s enthusiasm for music has enabled the high

standard of performing to be maintained, with ensembles

and soloists giving some wonderful and breath-taking

performances throughout the year.


In Year 7 Music, the girls focused on improving their

musicianship. Aural development was an important aspect

of this, with an emphasis on Kodaly-based activities linked

with the more traditional musical language. Indonesian

music was also studied, with the girls taking part in an

incursion with Bagus Kan! They also improved their

listening skills through the study of Art Music and the

Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time, using Keynote.

Year 8 Music classes developed their skills in performance,

aural comprehension, theory and composition. They wrote a

short song and played the ukulele. Rhythm was a big focus,

and the girls performed with African drums. They played a

basic rock beat on the drum kit and created a composition

using non-musical items. They were also treated to an

entertaining performance by African Beat.

The Year 9/10 Music Performance class worked on

improving as soloists and group performers. Performances

in class were regular occurrences, which allowed for

comment by class members and self-analysis. Aural

comprehension and theory, arranging and concert reviews

continued the development of the girls.

A knowledgeable class of students participated in the Units

1 and 2 Music Performance class this year. They studied solo,

group performing, musicianship and analysis. This

expanded their understanding of performing and the

importance of learning about all aspects of music.

Individual tuition on their instrument was a key component

of this.

The Instrumental Music Programme was again busy, with

400 lessons taking place each week. The balance of

instruments learnt was encouraging, which allowed most

of the ensembles to have a full and true sound. Thanks

must go to the 28 music staff who tutor the girls each week

and we are fortunate to have an incredible group of staff.

Their commitment and work ethic is a big part of the

success of the Music Programme.


The ensembles epitomise everything that is unique and

wonderful about the Ruyton Music Programme, with most

being at capacity and many concerts and presentations

occurring. Highlights of the year included performances at

the Ruyton Fair, the Contemporary Music Concert, the Gala

Concert, the Jazz Night and the production of



. The choirs also performed very successfully at

many eisteddfods and there were many fine performances

at the Victorian Schools’ Music Festival. Most weeks there

were soirees, with over 100 girls performing at the Piano

Festival. Assembly performances took place throughout

the year.


There is wonderful saying,‘

Creativity is imagination in


’. This inspiring quote is what Drama embodies, both

as an art form and what it supports and nurtures in

students’ learning. This is reflected strongly in Ruyton’s

Junior and Senior School curricular and co-curricular Drama

programmes. Imagination in action is evident in the vibrant

Drama classroom environment as students test the

boundaries of their expressive skills, in creative

interpretation of stimuli and in the honing of their skills in

collaborative and independent learning.

The public performance opportunities available to students

enable them to gain confidence and share their creative

vision beyond the classroom. In the Junior School Mrs

Georgina Parker created engaging and highly entertaining

Annual Report 2014