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Principal’s Report

Our 136th year has been a year of notable achievement and

progress as the Ruyton community has worked

collaboratively to uphold our deserved reputation for

excellence. Our student cohort has continued to produce

remarkable results in both curricular and co-curricular

activities, while displaying empathy and compassion in all

that they do.The professionalism displayed by our teaching

staff and the support from the rest of our community

combines to ensure Ruyton moves forward with confidence

and ambition.

Ruyton girls have continued our strong tradition of academic

excellence this year and this has been reflected in their

endeavour, effort and achievements across the School. In

2013 46% of our girls in Year 12 achieved ATARs of over 90 and

there were seven perfect scores of 50 achieved by Daniel

Beratis (Trinity Media), Janet Davey (Psychology), Shalini

Ponnampalam (Health and Human Development), Courtney

Powell (Further Mathematics), Betty Xiong (English) and

Deanne Xu (Further Mathematics). Betty Xiong (Dux), Janet

Davey, Michelle Hu, Shu XiWang and Lauren Yip all achieved

ATAR scores over 99, accounting for 8% of our cohort.

All of our girls received a tertiary offer and 65% received their

first preference. In addition to these outstanding results

Premier’s Awards were received by Betty Xiong (English),

Shalini Ponnampalam (Health and Human Development),

Courtney Powell (Further Mathematics) and Janet Davey

(Psychology). Janet Davey and Lauren Yip were both awarded

the Australian Student Prize, a highly prestigious award with

only 500 prizes awarded nationally each year to Year 12

students. Janet was also the recipient of one of the 25

inaugural Graham and Louise Tuckwell Foundation

Scholarships to attend ANU. As a community we

congratulate the 2013 Year 12 students on their excellent

results and acknowledge their hard work and dedication

along with the commitment of our academic staff who

have guided and supported them throughout their time

at Ruyton.

We also recognise the endeavour, effort and achievements of

our Junior and Senior School girls in local, state and national

examinations and competitions across all curriculum areas.

Ruyton girls have an amazing array of opportunities to

challenge themselves academically and to develop an

understanding of their personal strengths and areas in

which to improve.Their involvement also provides important

data to our academic staff to review so we can reflect and

adapt programmes and approaches accordingly.

As a girls’ school recognised for its academic excellence there

has been a continued focus on curriculum review and

learning and teaching strategies by all staff this year to

ensure continuous improvement.Through the

implementation of departmental action plans, directly linked

to the Strategic Plan, we are ensuring that not only do we

meet national requirements but also that the Ruyton

curriculum and approaches to learning provide unique and

rich learning experiences for our girls.This has involved

reviewing School based activities as well as opportunities to

engage externally with other organisations through digital

links, excursions, incursions, workshops, assemblies, expert

visits and camps. Curriculum review is continually

questioning how we are best providing our girls with

opportunities to extend their understanding of current local

and global issues and contexts.

Curriculum leaders have worked collaboratively to develop

and document the Ruyton Learning and Teaching Philosophy

and Practices to emphasise and continue our focus on

personalised learning and differentiation across the School.

This work will lead to a review of Assessment and Reporting

in 2015.

In 2014 the School has implemented a new digital learning

environment for students with the introduction of iPads and

MacBook Airs and access to Apple TV.This has resulted in a

focused effort by staff to transition the necessary learning

and teaching materials and strategies to this new

environment and to explore a range of new approaches and

concepts to best suit the needs of our learners.Whilst this

change has been uncomfortable and challenging at times,

our staff have worked tirelessly to adapt, rethink and revision

learning and teaching strategies. Despite organisational

setbacks at times, as the year has progressed staff and

students have explored newways in which we can create,

curate and collect information with the use of digital

technology. As a result our students and staff have explored

new learning possibilities through this change. More than

ever we are seeing teachers work as guides, co-learners,

mentors, researchers and facilitators in their work with

students, truly changing their approaches and reflecting on

their practice.This work will be ongoing as we continually

reimagine learning and teaching opportunities in a rapidly

changing educational landscape.

Annual Report 2014