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nurture the sense of student ownership for the physical

library, we are also providing access points to new, exciting

and diverse online resources. I am grateful to all staff for

their support and willingness to embrace these new ideas.

Mrs Julie Purcell,

Director Library Resource Centre

Language Other Than English


In the LOTE Department in 2014 there has been much to

celebrate with the introduction of new programmes and

many achievements.

‘We love China so much.We will miss everyone we met.’

WeChat message from Year 10 students on exchange

to China.

According to the Chinese Zodiac 2014 is the Year of the

horse. In Chinese, people say,

meaning ‘


upon arrival (with a horse)

.’ As the year unfolded, we

witnessed a number of significant events which took place

in and out of the Chinese classrooms at Ruyton. The

learning and teaching of Chinese remained dynamic and

exciting, with students’ linguistic and intercultural

competences expanding by completing assessment tasks

and participating in cultural activities.

As part of an exciting initiative in 2014 all girls in Year 3

have Chinese lessons five times per fortnight. To cater for

the needs of these inquisitive minds we have chosen not to

use commercial textbooks but instead we compile or write

our own teaching materials. Apart from learning the basic

elements of the Chinese language, girls have also had

opportunities to try Chinese cooking, dancing, music,

painting and calligraphy. Their dancing performances at the

Junior School Assembly showcased how well they have

been immersed in Chinese culture. They also loved using

the iPad apps to revise and expand their learning. At the

Chinese Afternoon Tea held in Term 3 parents were positive

about the learning opportunities provided and said that

their daughters kept talking about Chinese at home.

In another initiative an exchange programme for Year 10

students has been established with Nanjing Foreign

Language School (Xianlin). This is the third sister-school

relationship we have in mainland China and Taiwan. In July,

two students and one teacher from Nanjing came to

Ruyton for a three-week exchange and in September four

Ruyton girls visited Nanjing and three of them stayed for

three weeks to experience Chinese school life. In addition

13 girls and one teacher from Sheng Kung Girls’ School were

hosted by us in March.

In our daily teaching and learning we have focused on two

new strategies to improve student learning in Chinese. In

the Senior classes we oversee students’ work samples in

VCE classes and devise strategies to extend and support the

girls. In the Junior classes we have explored the use of apps

to enrich student learning, such as using Book Creator,

Quizlet, iMovie, Tellagami and Puppet Pal.

Other significant events have included Chinese Culture

Week and the Chinese Reading Competition in which one

Year 7 student won third prize at State level.

The French Department has also enjoyed a challenging and

stimulating year. To add to existing programmes, French

Week and annual visits from exchange students, there have

been significant changes this year. French Club and La

Petite Bibilothèque (Little Library) have been established in

the Junior School, new courses have been created in Year 9

and Year 10 to adapt to changing student needs, and a

range of new technologies have been embraced. Students

and teachers of Prep-Year 7 have enjoyed the new

possibilities for language learning provided by iPads in the

classroom, while Year 12 students have studied the impact

of new technology on our lives and on French society as the

theme of their Detailed Study.

In the Junior School and in Year 7, apps like




‘n’ Match


Explain Everything

, and


e have been

particularly useful for helping students attend to language

structure, to demonstrate and share their understanding by

illustrating text, and to create their own media. Some of

these apps have also been useful in Year 8-12 classes,

accessible either online or on student iPhones. All Senior

School French students use online resources such as


Online, Ecoutez Bien, Quizlet




vocabulary, grammar and listening practice. Other online

resources such as



Infuse Learning

allow students

to effectively share ideas and collaborate in the classroom.

Students are also now able to produce increasingly

sophisticated media of their own, with MacBooks

transforming the standard PowerPoint presentation to

professional-looking iMovies, and Apple TVs allowing for

easy sharing of these in the classroom.

French CelebrationWeek was once again a week of fun

events, food and cultural enrichment timed to include a

celebration of Bastille Day. Highlights in the Junior School

this year included a performance of

Sleeping Beauty


Carrousel Bilingual Puppet Theatre and dressing with a

touch of French. Dress ups have also become a tradition for

Year 12 students and teachers during FrenchWeek, as they

Annual Report 2014