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Engagement in Science,Technology, Engineering and

Mathematics (STEM) is greatest when girls can identify a

personal connection with the learning and see the moral

purpose in problems worth solving. A new unit in the Year 7

and 8 Learning Enrichment Achievement Programme (LEAP)

has encouraged girls to immerse themselves in a range

of activities exploring emerging technologies. From

programming drones and robots to designing useful items

to be 3D printed, the girls have been challenged to explore

how each of these technologies can benefit humanity.

ScienceWeek provided an opportunity for students across

the School to engage in a range of real-life STEM experiences,

including classroom visits and presentations by Professor

David Karoly, an internationally recognised expert in climate

change and climate variability, and Astrophysicist Dr Sarah

Sweet, as well as a week long Maker Fair in the Junior School.

A highlight for 25 girls this year was the opportunity to

attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.The Advanced

Space Academy programme aims to inspire and motivate

young people from around the world to join the ranks of

space pioneers and to spur imagination in the fields of STEM,

to provide students with the necessary skills for the economy

of the future.

For learning to be truly personalised, students must

understand themselves as learners. In the Health

programme, the focus is on developing personal strength

and resilience in students, as well as providing themwith

knowledge to make good choices about their learning and

wellbeing.The Individual Learning team undertakes

extensive testing and evaluation to identify the learning

needs and strengths of students. Girls are supported to build

on their strengths and develop their skills to ensure ongoing

progress in all learning areas. Individual Learning staff work

collaboratively with classroom teachers to ensure that all

students, including those with specific learning needs,

English as Another Language, and those identified as gifted

and talented, are supported and challenged appropriately in

all learning programmes.

‘From little things, big things grow …’

Mr Paul Kelly’s famous words provide a metaphorical

reminder that fundamental change often has small

beginnings.The leadership programme at Ruyton is

flourishing and going from strength to strength.

Ms Carla Bond and Mr Ross Baker took on the new roles of

Prep-Year 2 Co-ordinator and Year 3-Year 6 Co-ordinator

respectively.This initiative reflects our commitment to

nurturing a strong sense of belonging for both students and

staff and the development of programmes tailored to the

needs and interests of the girls.The introduction of Prep to

Year 2 Assemblies has enabled the Year 2 girls to take up an

additional leadership role within the Star Sister programme.

During each Assembly the girls participate in a Mindfulness

session and each year level takes turns to share their current

learning.These opportunities build on the strength of

community and connection and enable our youngest girls to

develop as confident and articulate speakers.

In keeping with the theme for the Year 6 Leadership

Programme for this year,‘Discover the Leader within You’, we

have challenged all of the Year 6 leaders to create their own

pathways as leaders and to leave a unique legacy that they

can be proud of. The Year 6 students attended a leadership

day with the Year 6 Trinity boys where they were inspired by

guest speakers, including the children’s book author Mr Andy

Griffiths. A new focus teamwas established as part of the

Year 6 Leadership Programme this year.The Cultural Diversity

Team encourages students to learn about, recognise and

celebrate different cultural days and events.

In Senior School, we have broadened the definition of

leadership and established a sequenced programme of skills

development fromYears 7-12.The responsibilities of Form

Captains were expanded throughout the Senior School, Year

11 and 12 Student Leaders roles were introduced and the

responsibility for guest-speaker forums was added to the

role of Debating Captain. An inspiring leadership

presentation Speaking Up, Speaking Out from inaugural

Forum speaker Chief Magistrate and Justice of the Family

Court,The Honourable Sally Brown was well received by the

Year 11 and 12 girls and we very much look forward to the

evolution of the forum series. We also tapped into the skills

of those students who lead by quiet example, providing

opportunities to demonstrate these alternative forms of

leadership.This sort of ‘facilitative leadership’ by non-elected

leaders was evident during our recent Orientation Day when

our Year 11 volunteers ran a series of games and ice-breaking

sessions with our incoming Year 7 students for 2016.The

older students’maturity and guidance ensured that the girls’

Learning and Teaching (Continued)

Student Leadership

Annual Report 2015