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Ruyton is a dynamic learning community

dedicated to the pursuit of educational

excellence and personal fulfilment.

We aim to foster the individuality of each

student in a caring and safe environment,

nurturing intellectual, physical and social

qualities essential for growth.


Ruyton is committed to leadership in girls’

education that is recognised nationally and

internationally.We will achieve this recognition

when each of our students can demonstrate:

• as individuals, they are confident, resourceful

and resilient;

• as learners, they are intellectually curious,

versatile and can work both independently

and collaboratively;

• as members of the community, they are

inclusive and compassionate;

• as leaders, they act with integrity, self-

assurance, initiative and an awareness of the

value of service;

• as citizens, they are enterprising, creative and

have a commitment to community service,

sustainability and a global society.


Annual Report 2015