Ruyton Girls School Annual Report 2013 - page 25

Ms P Grant, Co-ordinator of French Junior
School, BAGradDipEd(Sec)
Mrs G Gumley, Deputy Principal, Head of
Senior School, BSc, DipEd
Mrs R Harding,Term 1 Teacher Senior School,
BA(Hons), DipEd, BSpEd
Mr D Harrison, Physical Education Teacher,
Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator,
Mrs A Herault, French Assistante, MEd
Ms J Hoskins, Co-ordinator of Special
Programmes, BEd, GradDipA(Eng), MEd
Miss B Johnson, Curriculum Co-ordinator
Physical Education, BAppSc(PhysEd)
Mrs J Journoud-Ryan, LOTE French Support
Teacher, DipEd(Sec), BFA(Hons), BFA,
CertIV(AssmntTrng), MFA, CAP
Mrs R Katerelos,Teacher Senior School, BSc,
Ms J Kitt,Teacher Senior School,Year 10
Deputy Level Co-ordinator, BA, DipTeach
Miss L Law, Physical Education Teacher,
Mrs C Lucas-Pannam, Director of Drama,
Ms S Mancev, Acting Dean of French, BA,
DipEd, MEd, AMusA
Mrs D McAuliffe, Dean of Chinese,
Co-ordinator of International Students, BA,
MA, BEd, DipEd
Ms B Meades, Physical Education Teacher,
Co-ordinator Health Education,Year 8
Deputy Level Co-ordinator, BEd
Mr C Moloney,VCE Economics & Business
Management Teacher, BA, DipEd, MEdSt
Miss E Officer,Teacher Senior School, BPerfA,
DipCnslg, DipEd (Sec)
Ms A Paisley,Teacher Senior School,
Equestrian Co-ordinator, BA, DipEd
Ms S Patterson, Digital Learning Mentor,
BEd, MA, GradDip(LibInfoStud),
Ms Z Peng, Chinese Assistant, BA,
Ms S Pidgeon, PE Teacher & Expanding
Horizons Co-ordinator, BEd(PhysEd)
Ms M Pinnell, Science Laboratory Assistant,
Mrs J Purcell, Director Library Resource
Centre, BEd, GradDip(InfoMgt&LibSt)
Ms M Raatjes,Teacher Senior School/Year 8
Level Co-ordinator, BEd(Sec)
Dr G Ren,Teacher Senior School, PhD,
GradDipTESL, BA, CertEFLMethods,
Ms J Roszkowski,Teacher Senior School,
BEd(VisArts), GradDip(ArtHistFilm)
Ms M Sanders,VCE Manager, BBSc(Hons),
BAppSc(MedTech), GradDipEd
Miss A Shackell, ESL Co-ordinator/English
Teacher, BEd, DipTeach, GradDipTESOL,
CertTeach(SpLD)(Sec), GradEd(CareerDev)
Mrs C Smibert,Year 11 Level Co-ordinator,
BSc, DipEd
Mr P Smith, Director of The Performing Arts,
Mrs A Tiernan,Year 12 Co-ordinator, Dean of
Health Education, BAppSc(HumMove),
Mr P Upperton,Teacher Senior School,Year
9 Level Co-ordinator, BA, DipEd
Ms S Valentino, Dean of Art, BEd(ArtsCraft),
Ms A Verona,Teacher Senior School,
Ms NVolkmann,Teacher Senior School &
Sustainability Co-ordinator, BPharm,
Mrs CWalkley,Teacher Senior School,
BAppSc(HumMove), BEd
Mrs JWhelan, Careers and Course
Counsellor, BEd, GradDip(Careers)
Mr T Yeo,Teacher Senior School, BSc(Maths),
Ms MYoung, Individual Learning Co-
ordinator (Prep-12), BAppSc(SpchPath),
DipEd(Prim), MEd(SpecEd)
MrW Zavattiero,Year 12 Level Co-ordinator,
BA(Hons), MA, DipEd
Music Support Staff
Miss E Anagnostou, Music Teacher, BMus
Mr A Angus, Music Teacher, BA(Music),
BAHons, MMUS, GradDip(Hum)
Mr S Connew, Music Teacher, ATCL, LTCL,
LTCL(MusTeach), BEd, DipTeach, KodalyCert,
Miss A Conrau, Music Teacher, BMus(Hons)
Mr I Faragher, Music Teacher
Ms E Funnell, Music Teacher, BMus(Perf),
AMusA, LMusA, FMusA
Mr O Grenell, Music Teacher, Dip(Jazz)(Perf),
Mr MHabben, Music Teacher, BEd(Mus)
Ms S Horbelt, Music Teacher, BA(Hons),
BA(MusPerf), GradDipEd
Mr S Jones, Music Teacher, BMus(Hons),
Mr S Kessaris, Music Teacher, BMus
Mrs K Kuti, Music Teacher, BA, BMus(Hons)
Mrs J Lane, Music Teacher, BEd(Mus)
Ms MMcClymont, Music Teacher, BMusEd
Ms A Mosca, Music Teacher, BBus, AMusA,
Mr R Nicholson, Music Teacher, BMus(Hons)
Ms E O’Hanlon, Music Teacher, BMusEd
Mrs J Power, Music Teacher, BEd(Sec)Mus,
AMusA, GradCertRE
Miss L Reynolds, Music Teacher, BMus
Ms A Roche, Music Teacher
Mr I Rosa, Music Teacher, BMus(Perf)
Mr R Sedergreen, Music Teacher
Ms K Stockwin, Music Teacher, BA(Mus)
Mr RWallis, Music Teacher, BMus,
Dr ZWang, Music Teacher, PhD, MA, BA
Ancillary Staff
Mrs A Avola, Payroll Officer
Mrs E Beattie, Development Co-ordinator -
Communications, BA, MA (Hons)
Mrs D Begg, Administration Assistant
Senior School
Mrs E Blumbergs, PA to the Principal
Mr S Bowman, Maintenance Staff,
Carpenter & Joiner
Miss J Brown, ICT Technician
Ms S Calwell, School Assistant
Mrs A Cheng, Librarian, GradDip(InfoMgt),
Mrs F Cooper-White, Art Studio Assistant
(Senior School), BContpA
Mrs S Deane, Database Administrator,
Mr C Elmer, Maintenance Staff
Mrs J Fordham, Administrative Assistant, RN
Mr J Gamble, Maintenance Staff
Mr R Greenwood, ICT Assistant
Mr T Hart, School Archivist,
Mrs N Hibbert, Registrar, BEd(PhysEd)
Miss S Jones, Accounts
Dr C Karopoulos, Systems Manager &
Administrator, PhD, BSc(Hons)
Mrs J Koenig, Assistant to Head of Junior
School, BA(Hons), Cert(PubRelats)
Mrs V Koutroulis, Receptionist,
Ms C Lee, Library Assistant, DipMkt(Hons)
Ms F Mantelli, Receptionist
Mrs MMatheson, Catering, BA, DipEd
Mrs S Matlock, Manager Information
Systems, BA, IMS
Mrs L McLaverty, Head Swim Coach, ASCTA
Bronze Licence
Mrs J McMillan, Aquatics Centre Manager
Mr R Moodie, Maintenance Staff
Mr D Moulton, AV/Theatre Technician
Mr B Nelsen, Assistant Principal, Head of
Junior School, BTeach(Prim), BEd, MEd
Mrs V Patel, School Nurse, BNurs,
Mrs A Pearson, School Nurse,
DipAppSc(Nurs), Nurse Immuniser
Ms T Peters, Director of Development, BA,
Mrs J Power, Registrar to Music Department
Mr R Rennie, Maintenance Staff
Mrs M Rouhard, Development Co-ordinator
- Community
Mrs A Sciberras, Development
Administrative Assistant
Mr P Sharples, Business Manager, BBus(Acc),
Mrs K Soumprou, Secretary to Performing
Mr D Toleman, Financial Controller,
BSc(Hons), BCom, CPA
Mrs K Toleman, Accounts
Mrs SWilkins, PA to the Deputy Principal,
Mr MWilson, Director of Rowing,
Annual Report 2013
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