Ruyton Girls School Annual Report 2013 - page 21

• Ruyton continues its completion of theWater Module of
the ResourceSmart Schools programme to gain our third
star. This included a whole staff Professional Learning
session run by a representative from CERES.
• Over 350 Save the Reef petitions were signed by staff and
students in a campaign to stop the proposed dredging
and dumping of 3 million cubic metres of seabed at
Abbot Point which threatens the Great Barrier Reef.
• Data loggers have been installed on all water meters and
water usage is monitored 24 hours, ensuring that any
leaks have been noticed immediately.
• Ruyton is excited to be a founding school in the student
led Melbourne Environmental Schools Initiative (MESI)
which involved students from over 12 schools within the
2013 has been a busy and productive year for Sustainability
here at Ruyton, and the students and staff involved in
creating and supporting all these projects can be proud of
their achievements. Special thanks must go to this year’s
Sustainability Captain, Tessa Faulks, for her inspired
leadership of Students for Sustainability and her
outstanding enthusiasm and commitment to making
Ruyton a more sustainable community.
Ms Nicole Volkmann,
Co-ordinator of Sustainability
Annual Report 2013
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