Ruyton Girls School Annual Report 2013 - page 20

Quiz, the Australian Brain Bee Challenge, the National
Youth Science Forum, the Science Talent Search and the
Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads.
In August, National ScienceWeek was celebrated with
a focus on the theme 100 Years of Australian Science. There
was a quiz on prominent Australian Scientists, in-class
activities on Australian Scientists and we were fortunate
to have Old Ruytonian, Dr Amelia Liu, speak at our Science
Week Assembly about her work as a Physicist and the
experiences which shaped her exciting career in Science.
The Science staff at Ruyton are active in the use of
technology in the class room. 2013 saw the Science
Department introduce Science and Technology Education
Leveraging Relevance (STELR) kits (from the Australian
Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering) in
both Year 8 and Year 11 Physics. These kits allow students
to work at their own pace while investigating concepts
involving various aspects of energy. During 2014 the use of
these kits will be extended into the Year 9 unit on Light.
The use of the ‘flipped classroom’ has been trialled and staff
have been busy investigating the use of iPads in Science
and presenting their findings at external conferences.
They are well-prepared for the introduction of iPads in
Year 7 in 2014.
The diverse and challenging Science programme owes its
success to highly professional teaching and support staff
and their contributions have ensured the continuing
evolution and relevance of Science learning experiences
for our students at Ruyton.
Mrs Susan Fryer,
Acting Dean of Science (2013)
For the first time in human history, the concentration of
climate-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has
passed the milestone level of 400 parts per million (ppm).
The past year has been the hottest ever in Australia since
temperatures have been recorded. Immediate action is
needed, and this year the Students for Sustainability have
continued to commit themselves to act positively to reduce
Ruyton’s environmental impact. This year, we have also
begun to make links with other schools in the area, to
network and share ideas and work together to create a
more sustainable environment. Participation in awareness
raising and activism campaigns both within and outside
the School have demonstrated that together, we can make
a difference.
Key Achievements for 2013 include:
• finalists in four categories in Sustainability Victoria’s
ResourceSmart Schools Awards
– Energy School of the Year
– Student Action Team of the Year
– Water School of the Year
– Teacher of the Year.
Ruyton was the winner of theWater School of the
Year Award.
• Boroondara Bronze Award for Green Team of the Year.
• Panda joined the Ruyton Community to help spread
awareness of environmental issues.
• Ruyton held its own Earth Hour by turning off all
electrical appliances for one hour, reducing electricity
usage by 24 per cent.
• World Environment Day was celebrated with a guest
speaker from Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)
at Assembly and a candle-lit acoustic concert in
Royce Theatre. Girls were encouraged to make it a
Nude-Food day.
• Four students joined over 1500 young Australians at
the AYCC Powershift Conference during the July school
• Ruyton hosted the first-ever combined Ruyton-Trinity
Sustainability meeting.
• Ruyton continued to upgrade our recycling systems, with
the introduction of more co-mingled recycling bins and
worm farms across the School. A new system was
introduced in the Senior School in which form groups
took responsibility for emptying these on a weekly basis.
In Junior School the Year 2s introduced recycling of soft
• Ruyton held two rubbish free lunch challenges, reducing
rubbish going to landfill by 33 per cent and 43 per cent
• For National Tree Day, over 40 Ruyton girls and 20 Trinity
boys ventured down to the hidden trail of Back Creek,
Camberwell to plant over 1500 native trees and shrubs.
• Ten SFS students attended the annual Melbourne Girls’
College student-led Rethinking Consumption Conference.
• The Junior School continued actively to support the
TravelSmart philosophy, conducting regular walk-to-
school days and operating theWalking School Buses.
Annual Report 2013
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