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Expanding Horizons and
Special Programmes
There have been a number of exciting innovations and
changes in the Expanding Horizons and Exchange
programmes this year.
The Year 7 Camp, held at CampWeekaway, saw the
introduction of Year 13 Assistant Leaders. Four Ruyton girls
who had completed Year 12 in 2012 participated in this
camp as Assistant Leaders. They joined the Year 7 girls in
their activities, ran get-to-know-you games and talked with
the girls informally about the year ahead and what to
expect in Senior School. The Assistant Leaders were
wonderful additions to the staff team on this camp, and
provided the opportunity for the Year 7 girls to talk to
someone close in age to them about their fears and
The Year 9 Snow Sports Camp was relocated to Falls Creek,
with accommodation provided by Howman’s Gap YMCA.
This was a very successful change, as the distance between
the accommodation and the snowfields was reduced to
four kilometres, with the result that there was more time
for snow activities. The cross country trails were excellent
for beginners and the girls had a wonderful time exploring
the mountain on their skis.
During the Year 10 Central Australia Tour a special excursion
for the Ruyton girls and Girls at the Centre (G@C) girls was
arranged at Standley Chasm.We were welcomed to country
by Nana Doreen and Aunty Colleen, who taught us how to
cook kangaroo tail on an open fire, told us the stories of
their country and their lives, and took us searching for bush
tucker.We also participated in an art class, and created
dot-painted bookmarks. The opportunity to get to know
people who have lived in the Standley Chasm area all of
their lives, and to learn about our indigenous culture from
people who have lived it and treasure it, were outstanding
experiences for our girls.
Ruyton’s International Exchange programme was very
popular again this year, with 19 Year 10 girls participating.
The new exchange partnership between Lycée Georges
Duby in Aix-en-Provence was a very popular option and
the French Tour group also visited the Lycée during their
trip. Other girls participated in exchanges with schools
in Scotland, England, Canada, the United States and
New Zealand.
This year, Interstate Exchanges were introduced for Year 8
girls at the Meriden Anglican Girls’ School, Sydney, and
Seymour College in Adelaide. The exchanges were excellent
opportunities for the girls involved to develop resilience,
learn leadership skills, make new friends and experience
school life in another state. I would like to thank all of the
Year 8 girls and staff and the participating students for
making this new exchange programme such a success.
Senior girls have also been able to participate in a number
of tours this year: the Music Tour of Europe, the French Tour
and the Renaissance History Tour with Trinity. In January
girls will participate in the first Ruyton Overland Track
Expedition in Tasmania.
Ms Julie Hoskins,
Special Programmes Co-ordinator
2013 has seen further change in courses as the Geography
unit has been finalised and published by the Australian
Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority. This has
necessitated a major review of course content through
Years 7 to 10. Two new Geography electives in Year 9 and 10
The InterconnectedWorld and Environmental
Challenges and Disasters
will be offered in 2014. These units,
while retaining elements of the previous electives, will
incorporate new areas of content, including globalisation,
mega-cities and planning, and the challenges of climate
change and sustainable resource use. The Years 7 and 8
Geography courses have also required a restructure to focus
on the nature of our environment and resources,
particularly water. Through exploration of geomorphic
processes and landforms, landscape degradation and
geomorphological hazards, students will come to
understand their responsibility to this planet and consider
their own role in the future.
The Australian Curriculum History course is now
implemented with a compulsory semester unit of History
in both Years 9 and 10. In 2014 a separate elective History
unit entitled
Ancient Cultures
will be offered which provides
an insight into the ancient worlds, their belief systems,
social lives and culture. The introductory commerce unit,
Money Law and Politics,
has also been expanded to provide
a more extensive insight into the range of commerce
subjects on offer at senior levels.
During this year students have been involved in a range of
subject-based activities including fieldwork for Geography,
factory visits in Business Management, Economics at the
Victoria Market and an Australian History incursion for
Year 9.
Annual Report 2013
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