has been a very busy year. Almost all classes have had
an excursion/incursion, further supporting their learning
in the classroom. This has included a full-day excursion to
TarraWarra in Healesville for Year 7 to view the Archibald
Prize exhibition, and a question and answer session with
Ms Raelene Sharp, an Archibald Prize section winner, in
her studio. Year 12 Art visited Top Arts, and Year 12 Product
Design and Technology (fashion) were treated to a visit to
a manufacturing plant.We were fortunate to access the
expertise of artists Ms Tania di Beradino to work with the
Year 8 girls and Mr Vipoo Srivilasa who came to explore the
notion of monsters in clay with the ceramics elective group
shared with the Year 9/10 group from Trinity. Mr Peter
Alexander came to admire the Rococo-inspired boxer shorts
from the Garment Construction class, while the sculpture
girls headed to Studley Park to create art works with nature
inspired by the work of Mr Andy Goldsworthy. The Grace
Kelly Exhibition left the Design and Garment Construction
girls in awe as they viewed the exhibits from her wonderful
wardrobe and Digital Photography students worked with
professional photographer, Mr David Harradine on lighting
and a field trip to the Victoria Market.
The studios have been rationalised, with furniture and
purpose-built drawers and cupboards housing much of the
everyday equipment used by students. The old darkroom
has been converted to a working studio, with lighting and
backdrops for studio photography making our transition to
safe, sustainable methods of working complete. Much of
the remaining furniture has been recycled into the bases
for new tables and the tops have been reworked to create
new 3D stands for sculptural works benefiting the whole
The School art collection has been fully catalogued and
photographed to ensure an accurate record of every piece
and its location is recorded.We were fortunate to receive
several works from the estate of Joan and Vanessa Gough
to add to our collection.
Our first School-wide curriculum focus was the Archibald
Prize and we had our own Mini Archies’ exhibition in Term
exhibiting work from ELC to Year 10. This was opened
by acclaimed Archibald artist, Mr Juan Ford. This was
supported by research into J.F. Archibald and related artists
where students responded, analysed and interpreted
various works. Every unit of work is documented, explored
and evaluated through the use of a Visual Diary. These
are introduced in Year 1 and are a great source of pride
and inspiration for our students who develop these skills
throughout their artistic journey into VCE. They remind us
that the process is as highly valued as the product.
The Art Society has continued with a small group of
dedicated girls running activities for interested students at
lunchtime. The highlight was the large white horse which
appeared on the North Verandah for the girls to decorate.
The introduction of participation certificates for 2013 will
recognise the girls’ contribution and commitment to the
Art Department.
Some Year 8 work was selected for an exhibition in the Zart
Art Gallery in Term 4, and for the first time, we participated
in the Global Peace Project with the Year 7 girls. Our Annual
Muse Art Exhibition showcased the work of our girls from
Pre Prep to VCE.
Information Technology is being integrated into the
curriculum as appropriate and supports the studio
experience where problem solving is built into every project
to promote higher-order thinking.We were fortunate to
be selected to participate in the iCollaborate Innovation
Project and used the opportunity to investigate electronic
methods of recording ideas, in the way we currently use
Visual Diaries through the use of the iPad.
Thank you to Questers and ForART for our new mosaic
mural which was completed and officially opened in
Term 2 and is a great source of interest and pleasure for
our community. The ForART committee has continued to
support the Department with their fundraising community
initiatives and is greatly appreciated.
Thank you to the staff for their dedication, hard work
and support of student learning. Thank you also to our
technicians who work tirelessly behind the scenes to
prepare materials and exhibitions.
Mrs Penne Ebbage,
Dean of Art
Annual Report 2012