To our Year 12 students, the class of 2012, we thank you
for your leadership of the student body this year, a duty
you have carried out with vivacity and perseverance. As
a School, we wish each of you and your families every
success in the future. Thank you for being such a vital part
of Ruyton Girls’ School and for your principled and caring
leadership of our student community this year. Each one of
you has enriched the life of the School in your own unique
way, through your involvement in different activities and
events. As you prepare for the next stage of your education
I urge you to continue to live your lives with great purpose,
to dream big, aim high and make a difference in your
world. Enjoy the journey that life will present to you, taking
the good with the bad in your stride as a resilient young
woman.We thank each and every one of you for your
contribution to Ruyton.
I extend a special thank you to the Executive Team who
are responsible for the day to day running of the School
and the implementation of the Operational Plan. Their
tireless work and dedication have been greatly appreciated.
Thank you to Mrs Glenis Gumley, Deputy Principal; Mr Brad
Nelsen, Assistant Principal; Mr Peter Sharples, Business
Manager; Ms Bev Casey, Director of Studies; Mrs Cathryn
Furey, Director of Learning and Ms Tonya Peters, Director of
The success of our girls is also a reflection of the dedication
of our teachers. I thank each and every one of our
teaching staff for their commitment to excellence and,
most importantly, for the support and guidance they
provide for each of our girls. It is the strong relationship
between our students and staff, with teachers working
besides their students, that truly supports learning. Our
administrative and support staff and maintenance team
have all contributed to the excellence of Ruyton and the
spirit of our community. I thank them for their hard work,
commitment and positive approach to their work.
To those staff who are leaving our community, I thank you
for your valuable contribution to the education of our girls
and wish you every success for the future. I especially pay
tribute to five long-serving members of staff: Mr Andrew
Barnett, Ms Anne Dulke, Mrs Sharon Kernick, Mr Gary
Richmond and Mrs Amanda Russell.
We thank them for their many years of loyal and excellent
service and wish them well for the future. They will be
greatly missed.
Finally, a sincere thank you to Ms KathrynWatt and the
Directors of Ruyton for their wise governance and support
of the leadership team. This year we have farewelled
Ms Fiona Horman and Mr Jonathan Green, both having
given seven years of service on the Board.We thank them
for their commitment of time, energy and expertise as
Board members. In November we welcomed Mr John
Gillam and Ms Kylie Taylor to the Board and look forward to
their valuable contributions to help the School maintain its
strong record of sound governance.
To all of our Ruyton families, on behalf of the staff of
Ruyton, I thank you for your ongoing support of Ruyton and
wish you all the best for the festive season and the coming
year, the 135th year of Ruyton Girls’ School.
Recte et Fideliter.
Ms Linda Douglas,
Please find following the annual reports from each
Dean or Head of Department for your information.
Annual Report 2012