Board of Directors
Mr P Sharples, BBus Acc, Grad Dip DP, Dip Ed,
Ms L Douglas, Principal, MEd, BEd
Ms F Coldwell, LLB
Mr J Gillam, B.Com.
Mr T Hogg, B.Cons Eco, FAIQS
Mr P Kanat
Mr B Meehan, B.Com., B.IT, ACA
Mr A Smith, B.App.Sci., B.Business, Dip.Ed.
Ms K Taylor, BA (Com)
Dr BWatterston, Ed D., M.Ed., B.Ed., Dip.Teach
Outgoing:Mr J Green and Ms F Horman
Ms L Douglas, Principal, MEd, BEd
Academic Staff ELC
Ms K Buttler, Director of Early Learning, BA
Ed (Early Childhood/Primary)
Ms J Chan, Early Learning Assistant Teacher,
BA Ed(Hons) (Early Childhood/Primary),
Miss P Cunich, Early Learning Assistant, Dip
Children’s Services)
Miss G Doutch, Pre Prep Teacher, BECS
Mrs F Foster, Early Learning French Teacher,
Miss E Fulton, Early Learning Assistant, Dip
Children’s Services
Mrs G Lauchlan, Early Learning Assistant,
Mrs S Lusted, Early Learning Kindergarten
Teacher, BEd (Early Childhood and Primary)
Miss K Perkins, Pre Prep Teacher, Dip M, KTC
Mrs A Shute, Pre Prep Assistant, Cert III
Children’s Services
Mrs Y Simmonds, Early Learning Assistant
BEd. Early Childhood
Mrs S Swingler, Early Learning Teacher and
B.Ed (Early Childhood)
Mrs K Vines, Pre Prep Teacher, BA (Arch), Grad
Dip Ed (EC)
Miss MWeston, Early Learning Assistant,
BEd (Primary)
Mrs HWild, Pre Prep Teacher, Dip Teach (EC),
BEd (Primary)
Academic Staff Junior School
Ms G Catan French Teacher Grad.Dip.Ed
Ms C Hallpike,Teacher Junior School &
Literacy Co-ordinator, BEd, Dip Ed (Primary)
Mrs G Healey,Teacher Junior School, BEd, Dip
Ed (Primary), Grad Dip Sci Ed
Mrs J Hemingway, Junior School Art Teacher,
Dip Ed, BEd (Secondary), Dip Graphic Art &
Miss B Hook,Teacher Junior School, BEd
Ms F Johnson, Music Teacher, BMus
Mrs J Johnson,Teacher Junior School
Humanities Co-ordinator, Dip Teach
Mrs K McPherson,Teacher Junior School, B
Teach (Primary), BEd
Miss J Milic,Teacher Junior School, BEd
Primary), BApp Sci (HumMove)
Mrs C Mullins, Education Development &
Integration Aide, BEd, Dip Teach (Primary)
Mr B Nelsen, Assistant Principal, Head
of Junior School, B Teach (Primary), BEd
Primary), MEd, MACEL
Mrs G Parker,Teacher Junior School, BA B
Teach & Assoc Dip Dance
Mrs A Robertson,Teacher Junior School, Dip
Ed (Prim), BEd
Mrs M Roy, Individual Learning Co-ordinator
JS), BA Dip Teaching
Miss C Sim,Teacher Junior School, MA Ed,
Grad Dip (Spec Ed), Dip Teach (Primary)
Mrs HTait, Deputy Head of Junior School
Administration), BA (Hons), PGCE, MEd
Spec Ed)
Mrs K Taylor,Teacher Junior School, BEd
Miss CWong, Junior School and Education
Development Teacher, B Ed (Primary)
Academic Staff Senior School
Mrs L Alexis,Year 7 & 8 Level Co-ordinator
Admin), BEd, Cert IV (Workplace Training &
Mrs A Allen, House Co-ordinator, B App Sci
HumMove) BEd (Secondary)
Mr L Attwood, Director of Ruyton / Trinity
Co-ordinate Education, BA, Dip Ed
Mr A Barnett,Teacher Senior School, MA,
Dip Ed
Mrs N Barrah,Teacher Senior School, B Ed
Grad Dip Vocational Ed &Training
Ms M Barratt, Dean of Humanities, B
Ec.(Mon), Dip.Ed
Mrs D Berold,Teacher Senior School, M.A,
Mr R Boyle, Dean of Mathematics, BSc, Dip
Mr P Brandner,Teacher Senior School, BA
Photography), Grad Dip (Film&Tel) , B Ed
Primary & Secondary)
Mr A Broder,Teacher Senior School, B Eng,
MBA (Hons), Grad Dip Ed
Ms G Canty, Dean of English, BA, B Teach,
Ms B Casey, Director of Studies, BSc (Hons),
Ms E Conabere, School Counsellor, BEco,
Grad Dip (Ed Psych), MA (Counselling Psych),
Ms D Cooper,Teacher Senior School, BA,
Dip Ed (Double Method English)
Mrs F Cooper-White, Art Studio Assistant
Senior School), B Contemporary Arts
Mrs J Cornelius,Teacher Senior School, BA
Hons), Dip Ed, Dip Modern Languages
Ms I Corr, Junior and Senior School French
Teacher, BA, Grad Dip (French & English)
Ms M Danos,Year Level Co-ordinator, BSc Ed
Mrs M Dawborn-Gundlach, Dean of Science,
BSc, Dip Ed, BEd, MEd
Mrs S Deady,Teacher Senior School, BEd
Miss M Di Vitto, Senior School Teacher &
Year 7 Leading FormTeacher, Biomed Sci,
Grad Dip Ed
Ms A Dulke, PE Teacher, BA, HDTS, BEd
Mr C Eames,Teacher Senior School, BSc
Hons) Maths and Grad Dip Ed
Mrs P Ebbage, Dean of Art, Co-ordinator
LEAP Programme, OH&S Employee
Representative, BEd (Arts & Crafts)
Ms K Feng,Teacher Senior School, MEd, Grad
Dip (Secondary)
Mrs S Fryer,VCE Manager, BSc, Dip Ed, Grad
Dip Comp Ed, MIT Ed
Mrs C Furey, Director of Learning, BEd, MEd
Mrs K Galt, Careers and Course Counsellor,
DDA, Grad Dip Ed (Careers)
Ms T Glen,Year 7 Level Co-Ordinator, BEd,
Grad Dip Ed Admin
Ms P Grant, Dean of French, BA Grad Dip Ed
Mrs E Gubbins,Teacher Senior School, Adv
Dip (Public Relations), Grad Dip Ed (Applied
Mrs G Gumley, Deputy Principal, Head of
Senior School, BSc, Dip Ed
Mr D Harrison, PE Teacher, BEd
Ms J Hoskins, Co-ordinator of Special
Programmes, BEd, Grad Dip Arts (Eng), MEd
Directors and staff
Annual Report 2012