Ruyton’s Heritage Collection, formed in 1999, comprises
the archives of the School – the formal records held
permanently to record the continuing history of the School,
and the Museum Collection, which includes mostly three-
dimensional items. The archives include Board records,
correspondence, photographs, video and audio materials,
maps and plans, and miscellaneous items associated with
the School’s history. Archives are transferred from the
School’s administration while museum items are mostly
donated by Old Girls, although now and again we receive
donations from strangers.
Last year we highlighted several unusual items in the
Heritage Collection. Continuing this theme we have:
WorldWar I British General Service Medals awarded to
Sister Constance Mary Murray who attended Ruyton in
Sister Murray, a member of the Royal Australian
Army Nursing Service, left Australia in 1915. She served in
India before returning to Australia in 1920. The medals are
the 1914-1915 Star, the BritishWar Medal and the Victory
Medal. The Victory Medal carries Oak Leaves indicating
that Murray was ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ although this
cannot be corroborated.
A canvas knapsack issued to girls in preparation for
possible evacuation fromMelbourne in 1942.
The House Book or Family Chronicle of Useful Knowledge,
and Cottage Physician
published in London in 1826 and
bearing the autograph signature of Edward Henty.
These items are an indication of some of the extraordinary
material held.
We continue to welcome all donations of items relating to
the School, its staff and Old Girls and it is usual for at least
one Old Girl to delight us at a reunion with some treasure
that she generously donates to the Heritage Collection.
Transfers of archival records continue from the School
administration and support groups, and a wide range of
items has been added to the Museum Collection which
continues to grow.
Items received include: School memorabilia in the form
of bookends, a serviette ring and badges; student school
reports; sporting trophies; uniform (1940s straw hat);
photographs of students, teachers, school trips and theatre
productions (Yum Yum and Nanki Poo from the 1984
production of
The Mikado
school theatre programmes;
issues of
The Ruytonian
and other publications. One item
of interest is a record of the winners of theWomen’s
Interschools’ Golf Challenge Cup (previously the Sun Golf
Cup) 1963 to 1991. Sadly Ruyton’s representatives didn’t win
very often.
Two important accessions were from the Estates of Joan
and Vanessa Gough, mother and daughter who died within
months of each other.
Joan worked at Ruyton from 1955 to 1978 and was well
known as Head of the Art Department. This donation
includes a number of pastel portraits of former teachers,
together with art work that she had collected from
students in the 1960s. It even includes her academic gown
a bit tattered).
Vanessa (1967) also taught for a short time but is
better known for her significant contribution to the Old
Ruytonians’ Association. This donation includes her school
workbooks, art work (including embroideries and pottery
one item of which won a RMIT Special Award), various
programmes and school ephemera. Also included are a
number of academic certificates illustrating her training in
teaching and as an artist.
Donors in 2012
We are pleased to acknowledge: Mr LD Ashburner on behalf
of Margaretha Scott (Ashburner 1932); Sally Dean (1970);
Cathryn Goucher (Spratling 1984); Mr PA Harley on behalf of
Estate Pamela Stokes (Harley 1943); Mr A Rossi; Sue Thomas
Oakley 1967); Merriwyn Thonard (1971); Ms B Gough and
Mr B Jordan on behalf of the Estates of Joan and Vanessa
Gough respectively.
There were 33 enquiries during the year, 12 originating
from outside the School. External enquiries are double
the number in 2011 and are mostly seeking details of past
students, although this year there were several enquiries
about the School’s history and specific events.
ORA Heritage Trail
The Archive has provided photographs and historical
notes for the ORA Heritage Trail. The Trail was launched
in November by the ORA to provide a picture of Ruyton’s
past to future members of the School community. Pictorial
panels in various parts of the School show the School’s
altered or long-gone buildings. A companion booklet
provides details of the panels and gives information about
earlier sites that the School has occupied over nearly 130
years. It also has a brief history of the School and touches
on Ruyton’s 13 Principals.
Mr Trevor Hart,
School Archivist
Annual Report 2012