Ruyton Student Council
Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing
great was ever achieved.’
RalphWaldo Emerson
There is no doubting the enthusiasm of the Ruyton
Student Council (RSC), and its leader in 2012, Tess Gardiner.
Fortnightly early morning meetings were enough to
challenge anyone’s commitment, and yet an almost full
complement of girls was always present.
The RSC draws on representatives from Years 7–12. The girls
raise and discuss issues and concerns about the School and
School life, and the RSC provides students with a voice in
the decision-making processes of Ruyton. The members
of the RSC acknowledge the good fortune they have in
attending a school where there are few problems and
challenges to be addressed. Issues involving microwaves,
uniform, drinking taps and communication can be dealt
with efficiently through this forum, and resolved with the
assistance of Mrs Gumley.
One of the highlights for the RSC this year was the
opportunity for the girls from Years 9–12 to attend the
UNWomen International Women’s Day Breakfast, where
journalist, Ms Sally Sara, spoke with candour and humour
about her experiences as a foreign correspondent for
ABC News. The girls were captivated by her stories of the
challenges facing women around the globe, and her role in
communicating these issues.
Along with addressing issues and concerns at Ruyton, the
RSC also aims to represent the needs of women across the
world, and in a range of circumstances. The Girls’ Night
In Movie Night in May was a fundraising activity for the
Breast Cancer Foundation.Wearing pink pyjamas, and after
a meal of pizza, the girls settled down in Royce Theatre to
watch Lindsay Lohan in
The Parent Trap.
Throughout the year, a team of RSC representatives, led
by Tess and the two School Co-Captains, Lucy Green and
Charlotte Inge, met with student leaders fromMelbourne
and Trinity Grammar Schools. The focus of these meetings
was to prepare for the UNWomen Combined Schools
Walk – this year known as theWalk for Women. UNWomen
Australia seeks to:
engage the support of Government in achieving gender
equality in partnership with UNWomen International
raise funds to support programmes which achieve
gender equality and empower women
challenge attitudes which perpetuate gender inequality
in Australia and globally.
The student leaders were outstanding in raising support for
UNWomen Australia and for Walk for Women. The students
organised water bottles to be distributed to participants,
and purple t-shirts with sponsors’ names, to be worn by
organisers during the event.We are most grateful to local
businesses who supported this event with sponsorship.
Unfortunately, due to a forecast of stormy weather, the
event was cancelled on the day.
Although very disappointed, the student leaders involved
should take great pride in their achievement, as they
were able to raise over $1700 for UNWomen, and the
opportunity to work with other students in organising an
event of this magnitude meant that they developed skills in
negotiation, teamwork, meeting deadlines and budgeting.
It is disappointing not to achieve the hoped-for outcome
of a successful event, however the process of organisation
was of great value to all involved.
The enthusiasm of the RSC representatives led to another
initiative this year – the Ruyton drink bottle. The girls
had discussed the issue of drinking taps, and access to a
sustainable method of rehydrating. The RSC arranged for
re-fillable Ruyton drink bottles to be available for girls to
purchase for $5 each, rather than buying bottled water. The
drink bottles were sold at the Courtyard Café, and were
available for order through the
water bottles will continue to be available for purchase
through the School.
The enthusiasm of the members of the RSC ensures that
the girls are able to address issues, organise events and
implement initiatives. Thank you to all members of the
RSC 2012, and particularly to Tess Gardiner and the other
Year 12 representatives, for their contribution to the Ruyton
Ms Julie Hoskins,
Co-ordinator of Special Programmes
Annual Report 2012