Physical Education and Sport
Physical Education
Nine out of the 14 students in the 2011 VCE Physical
Education class received a study score of 40 and above.
Congratulations to Ashleigh Appleby who achieved the top
study score in the class and received the prize for Physical
Education at Speech Night.
During 2012, the Year 7 girls have spent the year learning
the skills involved in many of the core sports offered in
the Girls’ Sport Victoria (GSV) sports programme, such as
Basketball, Netball, Hockey and Softball. BothWater Polo
and Badminton are new sports which were introduced in
Year 7. During Physical Education week, all Year 7 students
participate in the GSV Sports Expo at Monash University.
The expo aims to provide students with a variety of
experiences in both traditional and less well known
sports. Activities on the day included AFL, Cheerleading,
Calisthenics,Wheelchair Basketball and Beach Tennis.
Our Year 8 students continue with participation in core GSV
sports and the focus of Physical Education lessons moves
towards games sense and strategies. The sports of Touch
Football and European Handball are both introduced for
the first time in Year 8. A Peer Teaching unit is undertaken
during second semester. Students work in small groups
to develop a game that they then teach to the rest of the
class. Their game must be both safe and inclusive, with the
emphasis on fun and participation.
Year 9 students revise the rules and skills in the core GSV
sports and participate in activities such as Fitness Training,
Table Tennis and Aqua Zumba. The students also participate
in a SEPEP unit, which aims to provide insight into how
sports’ teams function. Students undertake a variety of
different roles according to their ability and interests, and
are able to extend their skills from being a player, to those
of coach, teammanager and match reporter. Two classes
used Netball as their SEPEP sport and two classes used
Once again this year, students in Year 10 participated
in a self-directed fitness unit. Each student selected a
specific area of fitness on which they wished to focus, and
performed a pre-test. Students then planned their own
six-week programme. All reported an improvement in their
specific area of fitness via post tests at the conclusion of
the unit. A highlight for the Year 10, Unit 1 and 2 students
was an excursion to BTYC Gymnastics where, under the
supervision of Gymnastics coaches, they were able to
observe basic biomechanical principles such as linear and
angular motion.
In Year 11, Physical Education classes are replaced by a
Recreation programme. At the start of each semester, the
students select from a wide range of activities, with a view
to providing experiences for future leisure time pursuits.
Some of the activities undertaken this year included Yoga,
Indoor Rock-climbing, Ice-skating, Ten Pin Bowling, and a
popular new edition, Bounce Trampolining.
Weekly Sport
On average, close to 300 students from Years 7 to 12
participate in GSV weekly sport each term
Senior ‘A’ Netball – Zone winners and Grand Final
runners  up
Senior Basketball - Zone winners and Grand Final
runners up
Carnival Sports
Cross Country team –Winner GSV Division 1
Cross Country team –Winner State All Schools
Championship for the tenth consecutive year
Cross Country team –Winner State All Schools Road
Relays for the tenth consecutive year
Cross Country team –Winner State All Schools Cross
Country Relays for the ninth consecutive year
Track and Field team - Winner GSV Division 1
Individual achievements
Four students were selected/qualified for GSV
Representative teams
Fifteen students were selected/qualified for State teams
in one sport
Four students were selected/qualified for State teams in
two sports
One student represented Australia at the 2012World
Schools’ Cross Country
I thank all the staff and students for their dedication and
enthusiasm throughout the year.
Mrs Louisa Burbury,
Director of Sport
Annual Report 2012