The Learning Enrichment and Achievement Programme
LEAP) is a core subject at Years 7 and 8. This has been
another busy year of researching, analysing, designing,
collaborating, communicating and creating.
Our enthusiastic Year 7s have embraced the OneNote and
Inspiration programmes as they explored who they were
through house groups and family trees at the beginning
of the year. This has enabled them to competently apply
these skills to other subjects in the curriculum. A visit
to Hays Paddock playground for preliminary research
for Technology gave the students some insight into the
special requirements for disabled children. Collaborative
designing and creating back in the classroom led to the
production of a piece of playground equipment for children
with a specific physical disability. These were produced
in miniature scale using drills, hammers, wire, hot glue
guns and Stanley knives for construction. They enjoyed
coming to the ‘shop’ with their construction requirements.
Each group designed a poster that included their budget,
preliminary sketches, photos of production and research
into their disability, together with an explanation of their
moving part. The highlight of the Year 7 LEAP programme
is always The Notable event. This year, the girls researched
only Notable women. The programme is designed to
develop higher-order thinking and research skills as the
girls gather information and insight into their Notable
which they then transfer into being their Notable person –
dressing up, staying in character and being knowledgeable
about all aspects of their person on Notable afternoon. In
Term 4, we visited theWallace and Grommit exhibition as
well as the Planetarium at Scienceworks which introduced
the unit on animation. This year our topic of Outer Space
was embraced by the girls who made fabulous props
and a set to use in the Stop Motion Pro programme and
editing in Movie Maker. Again, this was a challenging and
collaborative project, where writing, directing, filming and
refinement are shared. This culminated with a blockbuster
preview where all students’ work was showcased.
Year 8 worked collaboratively to build a bridge to cover a
cm span out of 25 pieces of spaghetti and hot glue wide
enough for a matchbox car to fit through. This challenge
begins with research into structures and strengths. Sound
construction is paramount. This concluded with a weigh-in,
where weights were attached and gradually added to the
point of collapse. The bridge with the greatest load ratio
was the winner! A new unit on oral history stretched the
girls who found and interviewed a woman about her life.
These interviews were recorded, transcribed and made
into a short video which was shared with their peers. The
use of research more fully to understand world events
and cultures made this a very insightful exercise. Our
multicultural cuisines in Australia are explored, and girls
experience cooking a three-course meal in a commercial
kitchen at theWattle Park Chalet, and also research, budget,
shop for, prepare and cook a meal for their families using
their chosen ‘unfamiliar’ cuisine. The eating is always the
best part and many girls went to a great deal of trouble
to make this a special event in their household! The year
concluded with research and a field trip into a chosen
topic which was presented at Expo 812. Visitors attended
the Expo in Royce Theatre and were able to question the
students on their knowledge of their subject and research.
My thanks to the staff who support the girls so
enthusiastically and with such generous spirit.
Mrs Penne Ebbage,
Co-ordinator LEAP
Annual Report 2012