Gifted and Talented
Students at Ruyton have access to a broad, inclusive
curriculum relevant to their stage of development. Through
the curriculum offered, each student has the opportunity
to maximise her potential as an individual, as a learner, as
a member of the community, as a leader and as a citizen,
and in most faculties there are a number of extension
and enrichment activities offered for gifted and talented
students. There are other areas in which students are
provided further extension beyond the classroom and
Ruyton is a member of the Boroondara Cluster of schools
where each school offers units to be undertaken by the
gifted students of the cluster groups from Years 7-10.
Not only does this provide our students with intellectual
challenges, but also it provides social opportunities beyond
the classroom. This year Ruyton was involved in many of
the sessions offered by the other schools. Of particular
mention was the All Fired Up session run by Siena College
for selected Year 8 students, the UN Security Council
Assembly run by Camberwell Grammar School for selected
Year 9 students and the Constitutional Convention run
by St Catherine’s School for selected Year 10 students. In
Term 4 Ruyton offered a sustainability session for Year
students where they explored the theme
Two outstanding speakers from the agencies Beyond
Zero Emissions and ClimArt spoke with students on the
issues surrounding renewable energy and how forms of
art and media can influence political and public change.
Students then researched and explored the issue further in
small groups and created their own short film, which they
pitched to students and staff for feedback and evaluation.
Students from a number of other schools participated in
this activity at Ruyton. Many thanks to Ms Nicole Volkmann,
our fearless Sustainability Co-ordinator, for such considered
organisation and support of the day.
The Extended School Programme at Years 7 and 8 has
been developed to provide challenging and extended
learning opportunities for talented girls in the Senior
School and is now in its sixth year. In 2012 students
participated in a range of units that not only supported,
but also extended and enriched the curriculum. These
units act as an extension beyond the classroom, allowing
for more advanced instruction and thinking skills. In Term
Mr Steven Stanecki of the Art Department ran the unit
Journeys into Dreaming, whereby students explored
the link between aboriginal art works and the telling
of a narrative across generations. This involved an art
appreciation analysis of the selected works and a visit to
the Melbourne Arts Centre to see The Singing theWorld
exhibition. In Term 3 Miss Maria Di Vitto of the Science
Department ran self-designed experimental research
project on a topic of each student’s own choice and
interest. The students produced a formal laboratory report
outlining their findings which was then presented at a year
level Assembly.
In Terms 1 and 4 the students prepared for the DaVinci Day
hosted by MLC. The competition includes ten different
areas featuring such tasks as games of strategy, code
breaking, engineering, philosophy and art/poetry. Eight
girls from Year 7 competed on the day in Term 2. The girls
had been involved in a training programme before the day
and utilised this training to their advantage, winning some
of the divisions. Eight Year 8 students were also involved in
a similar day in Term 4 and similarly were very successful on
the day.
There are also many opportunities offered to our gifted and
talented students from within the Curriculum. The Ruyton
Master Scholar programme is offered to gifted students
from Years 9-12 and provides for more individual focussed
opportunities. This allows for early enrolment into VCE
Units and the eligibility for Year 12 students to undertake a
University Extension Study in a discipline agreed upon by
the staff and student.
Additionally, there is a plethora of subject-specific
enrichment opportunities offered to students at each level
of the School. These range from competitions (internal and
external) to masterclasses, awards and clubs.
Ms Katie Tribe,
Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator (Senior School)
Annual Report 2012