Language learning provides so much more than a means
of communication. Students have the opportunity to
open their minds to new cultures, people and countries.
The world becomes a much bigger place when we take
a step outside our own linguistic boundaries. The French
Department at Ruyton endeavours to give our students a
broad knowledge of the French language. At all year levels
the girls are encouraged to speak only in French. This risk-
taking is paramount to their language learning – as they
develop, they learn that it is okay to make mistakes and,
importantly, to learn from them. Promoting this approach
helps the girls develop their fluency, as well as increasing
their confidence in their own ability.
Using Accelerative Intregrated Methodology (AIM) allows
the girls to develop their language abilities in a safe and
fun environment. AIM, developed in Canada specifically
for teaching French as a second language, is an innovative
programme based upon first language acquisition. AIM
adds a kinaesthetic and visual dimension to learning
French, catering for all learning styles. The continuity of this
programme from Prep to Year 8 allows students to develop
conversational skills within a familiar body of vocabulary,
giving them the opportunity to learn to express themselves
entirely in French.
saw the French Department’s inaugural French
CelebrationWeek. It began with a flurry of French activities
across the two campuses, in honour of Bastille Day, the
French national holiday. Some of our Year 12 students
lost their heads to
Madame La Guillotine
in Senior School
Assembly. The French Department had a clear out – having
Vide Grenier
Mademoiselle Journoud’s sales skills and
hard work raised money for the charity, Destiny Rescue.
The Ruyton Staff and Year 11 girls enjoyed a French morning
tea of delicious
from the
bakery. The very popular Monsieur Crêpe visited us in both
the Senior School and Junior School: an authentic and tasty
opportunity to practise their French conversation skills.
La musique française!
Students and teachers in the Senior
School were treated to all sorts of different French songs
when the bell music was changed for the week. French
classes were treated to a series of French activities run by
the French Department. These included rosette making,
learning about the French Revolution, Tour de France
competitions and having our Swiss exchange teacher,
Mademoiselle Zumbé, talk to the students about
The Junior School students of French had a wonderful time
with the very interactive Global Grooves who came to visit.
The girls thoroughly enjoyed singing and dancing along
to French music and learning about different instruments.
The Year 12 students of French took their learning to a
whole new level – dressing up as characters from French
history and portraying these roles whilst having dinner
at the French restaurant Aux Batifolles. There was also a
special day to wear a touch of French, where students in
both the Junior School and the Senior School added a little
something French to their uniform.
Junior School students in Years 3 and 4 have been
enriching their learning of the French language through
the Reading Programme which is run onWednesdays.
With the expertise of the Accelerated students studying
French in Years 7-10 to guide them, the girls read short
stories, consolidating the language taught and used in
the classroom. Having the opportunity to mentor younger
students provides not only a valuable experience for the
Senior School girls, but also a productive opportunity for
the two schools to work together. All students involved
were provided with tailor-made learning resources to assist
them. Thank you to Mademoiselle Journoud for her efforts
and constant work on this valuable programme, as well as
to Madame Imogen Corr and Madame Shona Mancev for
their consistent effort to facilitate the programme.
The annual Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette
Competition, provided an opportunity for both the Junior
School and Senior School students to immerse themselves
in the French language. The French Department would
like to congratulate all Junior and Senior School students
who participated, especially those who achieved excellent
results and made the finals.
The French Department and the Ruyton community at
large were fortunate to welcome our exchange teacher
from Switzerland – Mademoiselle Isabel Zumbé. She has
contributed significantly to the School in the year she has
spent with us.We will miss her presence in the Department
and we wish her well as she returns home.
Madame Pam Grant,
Dean of French
Annual Report 2012