Expanding Horizons
Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some
have greatness thrust upon them.’
Ruyton girls will recognise this quotation by Duke
Orsino from Shakespeare’s
Twelfth Night
and the much-
loved movie adaptation,
She’s the Man.
Greatness is an
appropriate description of what was achieved by many
girls in the Expanding Horizons Programme 2012.
In February the Year 7 girls got to know each other very
quickly during their five-day camp at Weekaway, near
Lancefield. The girls undertook a range of outdoor activities
that challenged them to demonstrate initiative, team work
and leadership skills. Activities included ropes, rogaining,
bush rescue, canoeing and riding the flying fox. Greatness
was evident in many forms. For some girls, it was in the
opportunity to demonstrate kindness and consideration
towards others. For other girls, they were able to extend
physical skills, or to show leadership qualities. Many girls
impressed staff and students alike by their resilience and
The Year 8 Camp was later in the year than usual, and the
wet weather contributed some extra challenges for staff
and students. Based in Queenscliff, the girls participated
in Marine Biology activities at the Marine Discovery Centre.
The three aquatic environments of estuary, bay and surf
beach were explored through canoeing, boat trips and
surfing. The girls delighted in being able to explore the
rock pools and shorelines.
The surfing lessons are always a highlight of this camp,
and there was greatness to be seen whenever a girl rode
her board into the beach, directed others to the best waves,
or assisted struggling companions with their equipment.
It was cold at the beach but the girls were kept warm by
their energy and enthusiasm.
The Year 11 Camp at Phillip Island Adventure Resort is
designed to deepen the connection between the girls,
and to encourage them to develop leadership skills in
preparation for Year 12. Girls participate in four challenges
requiring problem solving, creativity, strength, endurance,
consideration and thoughtfulness. Our guest speaker,
past School Debating Captain, Sarah Cleghorn, was a
living example of greatness as she talked to the girls
about her experiences as a leader at Ruyton and her
commitment to community service and achievement
in her post-school years.
The much-anticipated Year 9 Snow Sports Camp is
one where many girls and staff demonstrate greatness.
Learning to ride the chairlift with skis, boards, gloves
and goggles can be a daunting challenge; then facing
the long slide down the slope to begin all over again is
a test of courage for many beginner skiers. Each year, the
teachers are delighted by the resilience and determination
shown by the girls on this camp. They fall over and get up
laughing. They help each other with skills, equipment and
encouragement. The girls in this year level were particularly
great in bonding with each other, and caring for everyone.
The Year 10 Central Australia Tour was an outstanding
opportunity for the girls to demonstrate greatness. It was
hot, with temperatures on many days reaching between 35
and 41 degrees. The itinerary for this Tour was extended this
year to include visits to the Alice Springs Telegraph Station
and to the Pioneer Women’s Museum, and participants
undertook a Team Challenge that required them to
search for information and to create artworks and songs.
The girls who participated in this camp demonstrated
greatness throughout: in their care for each other; in their
interest in and respect for the indigenous culture and the
environment; in their resilience and perseverance; and in
their generosity towards others. Highlights were many
and varied: meeting Mr Alec Ross, a living piece of history
at the Telegraph Station; the visit to the Centralian Middle
School to catch up with our friends from the Girls @ the
Centre programme; the Kings Canyon RimWalk; completing
the base walk of Uluru; or bonding with their peers on the
long bus rides. The girls were incredibly generous in raising
almost $1200 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. They will
also have a lasting symbol of this camp at School, through
their gift to Ruyton of the indigenous artwork
by Mr Malya Teamway, purchased from the Uluru
Cultural Centre.
The Expanding Horizons Programme relies on staff and
students being willing to take on new challenges, to
learn and to endure. It requires all to be prepared to
have greatness thrust upon them’.
Ms Julie Hoskins,
Co-ordinator of Special Programmes
Annual Report 2012